Modern Donor Database + Great Content

We upgrade technology and web content marketing operations for nonprofits.

Fundraising Software
(office productivity)

Many organizations are wrestling with a dated software. Some are using spreadsheets. We've become expert at repairing, improving and transferring to more cost-effective systems. We are technology agnostic. We are currently working NEON , NationBuilderLittle Green Light, Salsa Labs

  • CRM Systems
  • Donor Fundraising
  • Accounting Interface
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Member Communications
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Campaign Management

Data Migration
(doable and cost effective)

The barrier to better donor database operations can be the organizing and migrating the data. We extract data from old systems and use it to set up new ones.

One of the benefits is excellent board-level strategic reporting. For example, one click reports including:

  • 100 most valuable donors
  • 100 most active donors
  • 100 top donors to re-engage
  • 100 members to re-engage
  • Upcoming member expirations
  • Upcoming events totals
  • Online donations

Content Marketing
(the key to outreach effectiveness)

Mission-driven nonprofits have a strong story to tell and a built-in audience of passionate supporters. Inexpensive SaaS (software as a service) makes content marketing a powerful tool that executive directors can operate for maximum fundraising and service effectiveness. Contact us for a presentation.  

  • Galleries
  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Easy Text Editing
  • Donation Pages
  • Sign-up Pages
  • Automated Social Media
  • Less expensive web

Nation Builder for Indivisible Groups

Nation Builder doesn't need much support if you have someone who is into it.
But there are a couple of things that can make it faster and smarter:

  • Quick advice - Nation Builder is not right for everyone but it's awfully good at what it does.
  • Rapid implementation
  • Outside evaluation for boards that are on the fence about adoption
  • Data Sharing between similar groups - this is becoming important for Indivisible groups in the same region.
  • Occasionally groups lose their expert or need more help for the short term. We're available to do that.

Neon CRM Dashboards provide real-time data snapshots

No More Salesforce

In our past professional lives we worked with Sales Force for very large corporations. We do not recommend it for nonprofits under $20 million in revenue. The "FREE" license requires expensive setup and support and a great deal of customization with the dozens of third party apps. We prefer integrated systems.