The database was once just about pulling reports!

Now the Nonprofit CRM is at the core of the fundraising ecosystem.
Automating to save staff time.
Integrating to reduce confusion and clutter.
Reacting quickly to Donor needs.
Serving the mission in proactive ways.

Fundraising Software

About ten years ago a small group of companies applied newer, cheaper digital tools to the nonprofit landscape. They are quickly replacing older systems.

We work with the best of these newer systems. The most important emerging trends are (1) the ability to integrate with other digital tools ranging from email to accounting to auctions to case management to eCommerce to CMS; (2) the ability to automate processes to save staff time; and (3) the intelligence to stay focused on mission.

Data Migration

Migrating is not just about extracting data from old systems and using it to set up new ones.

It is not only about cleansing and organizing. It is also about future operations, goals, and strategic flexibility.

We operate at the most detailed level. We can also present high level strategies and integrate our work with strategic thinking.

Content Marketing

CRM is not just about the data. It is about connecting people and groups with their needs and obsessions. We focus on both the data AND the communications that data can foster.

Mission-driven nonprofits have a strong story to tell and a built-in audience of passionate supporters.

When it is working at its best, fundraising software helps elevate content marketing by pulling together people with similar interests and then communicating with them effectively.



The original NEON CRM was so successful that we understand it “bootstrapped" its own growth. Now CEO Jeff Gordy has created a larger enterprise with significant capital and a worth goal. “Neon One was founded with the mission of becoming the most comprehensive and authentic technology ecosystem for nonprofits."

With funding from FTV Capital and Bluestar Innovation Partners NEON ONE has acquired CiviCore’s nonprofit productivity tools, and Rallybound’s suite of giving tools. It has over 30 technology and service partners. We will soon be one of the first Certified Consultants.

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: Nation Builder for Indivisible Groups

We are using Nation Builder for our local Indivisible groups. It’s not my favorite software tool, but it is working for the purpose. There are a couple of things that can make it faster and smarter:

  • Get help with the initial implementation. We found it challenging and we’re pretty good at this stuff.

  • We are not using the many tools to grow our well-defined group. They look very powerful.

  • It looks like NationBuilder will be good at data sharing between similar groups.