We've had our heads down - A New Year's Resolution

be here.png

When we're busy we put our heads down and ignore the blog, social media, etc. It's a mistake our clients make. We're not exempt. We've been busy with our wonderful client the Arthritis Foundation. Our engagement is being extended into the new year (2014) but we promise to follow the advice we give our clients and be "present" in our blogs, and social media!!! 

But the experience illuminates a question about social media and our presence. We are required to be both here and there at the same time. We are "sharing" but to do that we have to pause in the midst of "real" pursuits to mirror ourselves as an online presence. We have to emerge from our "head's down" endeavor to self consciously share. It's a bit confusing.



Thatcher Drew

Thatcher Drew is founder of 501square. He is a digital strategist and master communicator focused on improving donor databases and web marketing for nonprofits. His clients include the Arthritis Foundation and the Pelham Picture House. He received Friends of Westchester Parks' “Best Volunteer” award for founding vinecutter.com. Thatcher has been CEO or Executive Vice President of four digital agencies. He helped build ConsumerSearch.com (sold to the NY Times). His work on ADP.com was given the Stevie Award for “Best Corporate Site.” Before the advent of the internet Thatcher was an award winning film-maker and technology pioneer. He produced series for PBS, Discovery and PBS; and received a national Emmy nomination for his reporting on education (Teach for America). He was a pioneer in multimedia courseware for Hachette and Time Warner. He is a member of the Center for the Study of Digital Life.